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Deja Vu - CNCO

Titel : Deja Vu

Artiest(en) : CNCO

Genre : Latin Pop

Medium : CD

Jaar : 02-2021

Label : Sony

€ 17,90


CNCO met Deja Vu cover album. Include reimagined versions of Latin classics such as Ricardo Montaner`s "Tan Enamorados," Chayanne`s "Dejaría Todo," Sin Bandera`s "Entra En Mi Vida" and Big Boy`s "Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti."
1. Tan Enamorados
2. Amor Narcótico
3. Dejaría Todo
4. Entra En Mi Vida
5. Hero
6. Imagíname Sin Ti
7. Un Beso
8. Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti
9. Solo Importas Tú
10. El Amor De Mi Vida
11. Por Amarte Así
12. 25 Horas
It wasn`t fate that brought CNCO together. It was Simon Cowell. All five members is a play on "cinco," for the winners of the first season of La Banda, a Spanish-language competition show that sought to create the perfect Latin boy band. And after almost six years making music together in Miami, collecting dozens of international awards and touring the world several times over, CNCO may be closer to perfection than ever with Déja Vu.
Déja Vu is a reimagining of classic Latin songs picked by each member. But listeners are regaled with more than just an album of covers. The record is a contemplative, yet convivial call to the past; an extended shoutout to the members? personal histories and cultures. Even the videos pay homage to the past. "Tan Enamorados," for instance, is close to a carbon copy of New Kids On The Block`s "(You?ve Got It) The Right Stuff."
Everything from Chichi Peralta`s "Amor Narcótico" to Sin Bandera`s "Entre en Mi Vida" is fair game on Déja Vu. The quintessential Latin musical reservoir from which CNCO draws influence provides a variety of different sounds, all tied together by the common theme of the band`s collective heritage. With members representing Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Ecuador, CNCO represents a proverbial United Nations of Latin pop. Fans of musicians from Cristian Castro to Franco De Vita and `90s Puerto Rican Reggaeton rapper Big Boy will find something to enjoy.
The most entertaining reinventions include Aventura`s "Un Beso," whose original soft, seductive tenor is perfectly in the wheelhouse of the soft, seductive CNCO. They raise the stakes, elevating the gentle echoes of a Spanish guitar and single voice to a Backstreet-Boys-like groovy jam. "El Amor de Mi Vida," made famous by Ricky Martin, is another sensationally movement-provoking track transformed from a slow, cheesy `80s ballad to a contemporary yet nostalgic bop