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Corazon Profundo - Carlos Vives

Titel : Corazon Profundo

Artiest(en) : Carlos Vives

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Sony

€ 17,90


After eight years without an album of new material, Colombian singer/songwriter, guitarist, and actor Carlos Vives returned with an album of songs that come "from the bottom of his heart." Big hit and obvious highlight "Volví a Nacer" kicks off the album in a warm and familiar style, while the follow-up single "Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo" offers some new sounds thanks in part to the a guest appearance from Brazilian singer Michel Teló. Expect nostalgic numbers and romantic songs, along with some modern, polished pop.2012-2013 release.
1. Volvi a Nacer
2. Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo (con Michel Telo)
3. Bailar Contigo
4. Corazón Profundo
5. Amanecer
6. Salvar Tu Amor
7. Hoy Me Desperté En Otro Lugar
8. La Foto De Los Dos
9. Y Entonces Pa` Que Estoy Yo
10. La Fantastica
11. La Perla
12. Volvï A Nacer (version cuerdas)