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30 Anos - Mercedes Sosa

Titel : 30 Anos

Artiest(en) : Mercedes Sosa

Genre : Latin Pop, Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1993

Label : Universal

€ 15,00


One of the best Mercedes Sosa compilations on the market, 30 Años (1993) is loaded with 20 of her greatest hits and goes back three decades to the early days of her recording career. Highlights include "Gracias a la Vida," "La Maza," and "Maria, Maria," to just mention a few of her signature songs. Given its early-`90s release date, 30 Años misses a bunch of her latter-day material but makes up for it with an emphasis on certifiable classics.
30 Anos is een prachtige, long-play 20-track verzamelaar uit 1993 van de legendarische, Argentijnse zangeres Mercedes Sosa (1935-2009)
1. La Maza
2. Maria, Maria
3. Gracias a la Vida
4. Todo Cambia
5. Solo le Pido a Dios (live)
6. Cancion con Todos
7. Anos
8. Alfonsina y el Mar
9. Maria Va (live)
10. Unicornio
11. Cancion Para Carito
12. Luna Tucumana
13. Hermano Dame Tu Mano
14. Como la Cigarra (live)
15. Si Se Calla el Cantor (live)
16. Inconciente Colectivo (live)
17. La Arenosa
18. Duerme Negrito
19. Al Jardin de la Republica
20. Dale Alegria a Mi Corazon