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La Invitacion - Jorge Celedon & Jimmy Zambrano

Titel : La Invitacion

Artiest(en) : Jorge Celedon & Jimmy Zambrano

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Sony

€ 14,90


2009 album from Jorge Celedon (vocals) & Jimmy Zambrano (accordion), recorded at Audiou Visio S.A., Bogota, Colombia and Ausio Sistema, Barranquilla, Colombia.
Jorge Celedon is the biggest artist in vallenato at the moment (2009) and has been for the last few years. Jorge Celedon does better melodies than anyone else at the moment and it`s why he is king. Also the accordion by Jimmy Zambrano is gorgeous and he plays beautifully.
Celedon is also one of the few vallenato artists who have crossed over and has a fan base in non-vallenato circles as well. He is one of the biggest artists in Colombia at the moment. If you love Carlos Vives or Fonseca, then I think you will like this album. Celedon is a more purist form of vallenato than the before-mentioned two. Also while they concentrate on more up-tempo numbers Celedon does more slower tempo numbers.

1. La Invitación (4:15)
2. Te Perdoné (4:43)
3. Tu Amor Fue Malo (4:07)
4. Y Nada Mas (4:09)
5. Oye Tú (4:01)
6. Todo Bien (3:07)
7. Niegalo Todo (3:54)
8. Si Fueras Como Yo (3:52)
9. Gano El Amor (3:28)
10. La Puerta Abierta (3:28)
11. Cuando El Alma Canta (4:34)
12. No Pido Más (4:06)
13. Como Quisiera (3:50)
14. Sin Ti No Hay Vida (3:21)