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French Caribbean - various

Titel : French Caribbean

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Latin/Caribbean, Verzamel

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Putumayo

€ 9,90


Heel leuke verzamelaar met muziek uit de Franstalige Caribbean, Guadeloupe, Martinique en 5 nummers van artiesten uit Haïti.
All of the artists on French Caribbean perform in either French or Creole. Of course, not all Afro-French music comes from the Caribbean; there are French-speaking countries in Africa (Cameroon, for example), and Afro-French music also exists in Louisiana. But French Caribbean doesn`t get into African pop or Louisiana music; the artists on this compilation are from Haiti (Zin, Haiti Twoubadou, Carimi, Michel Martelly, Emeline Michel), Martinique (Taxikréol, Ralph Thamar, Kali), or Guadeloupe (Kassav`). And even though all of the artists have an Afro-French orientation, French Caribbean is far from monolithic.
An easy-going mix of biguine, merengue-ish extremely enjoyable tunes that get your feet moving. Five of the songs (half the album!) are among my all-time French Caribbean faves, and here are no dogs. You can`t help smiling during "Parfum des Isles", a good-natured instrumental. The live Kassav cut is the only true driving zouk on the CD. The rest are more laid-back, but rhythmically more interesting and appealing, with an almost Brazilian feel.
1. Mandolin` - Taxikreol
2. Mi Se La - Ralph Thamar
3. Pa Manyen Fanm Nan - Michel Martelly & Black Alex
4. Parfum Des Iles - Kali
5. Ki Demon Sa-a - Haiti Twoubadou
6. Man Biswenw` - Jean-Luc Alger
7. Moso Manman - Emeline Michel
8. Kanpe Sou Yon Bit - Zin
9. Ayiti (Bang Bang) - Carimi
10. Rete (Live Version) - Kassav
A nice, smooth set of modern pop songs drawn from the French-speaking islands of Guadeloupe, Haiti and Martinique, lingering on the more tuneful and diverse end of the Caribbean musical spectrum.