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Elegancia Tropical - Bomba Estereo

Titel : Elegancia Tropical

Artiest(en) : Bomba Estereo

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Soundway

Dit artikel is helaas uitverkocht.

Bomba Estéreo is een Colombiaanse band die elektronische muziek mengt met rock, reggae en rap samen met Colombiaanse muziekstijlen van de Caribische kust, zoals cumbia en champeta.
Op 2012`s "Elegancia tropical" doen ze daar nog een scheutje dancehall en drum+bass bij zonder hun Afro-Caribische roots te verloochenen.
From Barranquilla, on Colombia`s Caribbean coast, here`s an engaging electro-pop dance band with an unexpected approach. Bomba Estéreo may not sound like a Latin folk outfit, but as they argue: "The music that is made by old people on the coast connects Colombia to Africa very deeply. We try to rescue that music and take it to another level." The result is a set that takes driving Afro-Colombian rhythms and occasional melodies and uses them as a starting point for a contemporary pop style comprising electronica, guitars and the fine, relaxed and no-nonsense vocals of Li Saumet. This is very much a party album, thanks to furious, upbeat songs such as Caribbean Power or the Angolan-influnced Mozo, but Saumet can switch between driving dance songs, hip-hop and cool balladry. She`s at her best backed by throbbing electronica on the cool and breathy Bosque, or the languid and rhythmic El Alma y el Cuerpo.
1. Bosque
2. Bailar Conmigo
3. El Alma Y El Cuerpo
4. Sintiendo
5. Pure Love
6. Rocas (feat. B´Negao)
7. Caribbean Power
8. Mozo (feat. Buraka Som Sistema)
9. Pajaros
10. Lo Que Tengo Que Decir
11. Pa´Respirar