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Digital Zandoli - various

Titel : Digital Zandoli

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 07-2016

Label : Heavenly Sweetness

€ 15,90


Digital Zandoli they reveal 12 newly discovered disco, boogie and zouk tracks recorded about 30 years ago in the West Indies.
The advantage of this selection is that it reveals a broader spectrum to the Zouk music style that is poorly defined. Consider the tracks hidden gems, despite previously being interpreted by some big names in Caribbean music (Pierre-Edouard Decimus / Patrick St. Eloi / Eddy La Viny). These Tracks reveal this will of singularity, this merger between traditional and other rhythms genres (funk, disco, afro-beat, Latin Brazilian), with the addition of new instruments such as synthesizers and drums machine in the creative process.
In many Zouk`s albums, this period often included one or even several tracks that were qualified as "proto-zouk" and "funky-zouk" or the "boogie-zouk" to emphasize the fusion of genres. But these tracks have remained unknown to the general public...
1. Groovy Tijan - "Mwoin Ka Songe"
2. Pierre Edouard Decimus - "Devenn"
3. Ramon Pyrme Jean Claude Cornely - "Vacance Union"
4. Zanma - "Poutchi"
5. Swanha Desvarieux - "Nou Ke Sa Enmew"
6. The Group NSI - "Mande Moin On Lajan, Pa Mande Moin Za Fe An Moin"
7. OREA - "Biguine Inferno"
8. Milton - "Mizik Nou"
9. Selekta - "Fle Pou` W"
10. Meliza - "Enrage"
11, Acayouman - "Si Ou Ladje Moin"
12. Eddy La Viny - "Indiano"