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Serie Kizomba de Ouro (CD+DVD) - Irmaos Verdades 10 Anos

Titel : Serie Kizomba de Ouro (CD+DVD)

Artiest(en) : Irmaos Verdades 10 Anos

Genre : Kizomba

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Vidisco

€ 13,90


2007 compilation from Angolan with great success in Portugal. "Irmãos Verdades" formed in the 90s. Their musical influences range from the rhythms of the Antilles and Cape Verde, to the likes of Zouk and Zouk Love, to Portuguese POP. "Saudade De Africa" was their first album, released in 1993 which highlights the theme "Saudade de Luanda," a song that had great success in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Portugal. At this time the group consisted of four musicians. In 1997, the group recorded their second CD, "Fusão" now with the integration of the female voice of Alcina Ramos. The song that stands out on this album "Yolanda", was the #1 single of the year in Angola. Their third album, titled "Apaixonados" is romantic in nature and follows the same line of rhythm their earlier work. This was the album of consecration for IrmãosVerdade. It went gold in Portugal (sales exceeding 20 000 copies) and platinum in Mozambique, with more than 40 000 units sold. The fourth work, "Só Mais Um Beijo", had sales of over 10 000 units (Silver Disc) in Portugal.

1. Um Carinho Sheila Remix 2007
2. Isabella
3. Tão Sozinho
4. Yolanda Remix
5. Amar-te Assim
6. Eu Quero-te Assim Tanto
7. Só + 1 Beljo
8. Saudades de Luanda RemiX 2007
9. Quero-te Baby (Acustico)
10. Garota Atrevida
11. Oh Yara
12. Je T’aime
13. Ela foi Minha – Reggaton remix 2007
14. Desejo-meu
15. Se Eu Fosse Um Oia 0 Teu Olhar

DVD Bonus:
1. Yolanda Remix
2. Amar-te Assim
3. Só + 1 Beijo
4. Tão Sozinho
5. Eu Quero-te Assim Tanto
6. Quero-te Baby (Acustico)
7. Isabella
8. Procuro Um Sinal de ti
9. Tão Apaixonado
10. Saudades de Luanda
11. Yolanda – Versao Slow