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Night Kings - Lights Out DJ`s

Titel : Night Kings

Artiest(en) : Lights Out DJ`s

Genre : Kizomba, Videos

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Lights Out

€ 15,00


CD+DVD Lights Out Dee Jays - The Night Kings, 2009 release.
Over 2 hours of Kizomba, Kuduro, Zouk, R&B + video mixes. Lights Out Dj`s is een DJ collectief from Cabo Verde, living in USA met ultra strakke mix van hippe Lusofone stijlen, doet het goed in de discoteken en op de dansvloeren.
DJ`s Baby T, Chris, Guelas, Lefty, Mastermind - Lights Out`s mission is to promote, celebrate, and expose Cape Verdean culture and music. Lights Out also seeks to be an agent in strengthening the link between Cape Verde and her sons and daughters in the diaspora. Through their success and positive image, the DJs are committed to demonstrating that the new generation of Cape Verdeans can work together to preserve Cape Verdeâ€s strong cultural tradition. In the past, the Lights Out DJs have worked with artists such as Ali Angel, Suzanna Lubrano, Timmy, Isidora, DjeDje, and many others.
1. Min ta toka min ta kanta - Mocho
2. Movin` on - Sterling
3. Knock out mix - Lights Out DJ`s
4. Petites Iles (Lights Out remix) - NégMarrons feat. Cesaria Evora
5. Da pa dodu - Sofia feat. Assassino
6. Can`t believe it (zouk fusion remix) - Peejay
7. Rabolada - SC Pires feat. Justin
8. Mark G. Mix - Lights Out DJ`s
9. Dispidida (club mix) - Kimberly feat. Alan Cave
10. A mes pieds (club mix) - Katia Cadet
11. Trading places (zouk fusion remix) – Peejay
12. Private dancer - SC Pires
13. Parodia (remix) - Isidora
14. Climax Mix - Lights Out Dj`s
15. E bo kredo - Mocho
16. Lights Out Funk - Lights Out Dj`s & Krioloroots
1. Intro - Lights Out DJ`s
2. Movin` on - Sterling
3. Black out video mix 1 - Lights Out Dj`s
4. Petites iles (Lights Out remix - NegMarrons feat. Cesaria Evora)
5. Can`t believe it (zouk fusion remix) - Peejay
6. Black out video mix 2 - Lights Out DJ`s
7. Blame it (Lights Out remix)
8. Pou lanmou (Lights Out remix) - Nomads
9. Parodia (Lights Out remix) - Isidora
10. Toma Xoqui 07 - Lights Out All Stars
11. Trading Places (zouk fusion remix) - Peelay
12. Knock Out video mix - Lights Out Dj`s
13. You Rock My World (Lights Out remix)
14. Private Dancer - SC Pires
15. Lollipop (Lights Out remix)
16. Vini (Lights Out remix) - Tina Ly
17. Rehab (Lights Out remix)
18. Rabolada - SC Pires feat. Justin
19. Miss Independent (Lights Out remix)
20. Outro - Lights Out Dj`s