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King CKWA - C4Pedro

Titel : King CKWA

Artiest(en) : C4Pedro

Genre : Kizomba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2015

Label : LS Republicano

Dit artikel is helaas uitverkocht.

Diverse nieuwe Angolese Kizomba stijlen op dit succesvolle 2015 album "King CKWA" van C4Pedro, zoals Ghetto Zouk / Kizomba / Soul Music / Zouk / Afro House.
1. Robocop
2. If U Want Me (feat. Perola)
3. Vamos Ficar por Aqui
4. O que Passou, Passou
5. Porque Eu Te Amo
6. Histoire D’Amour
7. Com Mulher Não Se Brinca
8. Spetxa One (feat. DJ Maphorisa)
9. Muita Areia (feat. Big Nelo & Kaysha)
10. Azar da Belita (feat. Edmazia & Prodigio)
11. Come Right Now (feat. Nelson Freitas)
12. Tu És a Mulher
13. Amor de Pai
14. Perder a Fome (feat. Francis)
15. Já Sei que Sou Teu (feat. Zona 5)
16. Penser a Toi
17. African Beauty (feat. DJ Maphorisa)
18. Não Me Pede
19. Say Yeah!
20. SUTAK – Até Que a Morte nos Separe (Bonus Track)
Pedro Henriques Lisboa Santos, better known by his stage name C4 Pedro, is an Angolan kizomba musician. His name C4 Pedro mean Cry For People.
Son of the singer Lisboa Santos, C4 Pedro was born in Angola but grew up in Belgium where he really started his music career with the group Brother Lisboa Santos alongside his brother Lil Saint. After 10 years he went back in Angola to pursue his music career. He released 3 albums; Lagrimas with Lil Saint, Calor e frio and King Ckwa. He also did a collaboration album in 2013 with the Angolan rapper Big Nelo called B4 Los Compadres. His third album King Ckwa was the most critically acclaimed and the best selling album in Angola in 2015 (Wikipedia)