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Four (2016 album) - Nelson Freitas

Titel : Four (2016 album)

Artiest(en) : Nelson Freitas

Genre : Kizomba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 04-2016

Label : Kayosound

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Hier is Nelson Freitas` vierde studio album, release april 2016. Inmiddels een gevierde ster in landen als Portugal, Frankrijk, Angola, Cabo Verde en beetje in Nederland.
1. Beautiful Lie
2. Miúda Linda
3. Só Mais uma Vez
4. Break of Dawn (feat. Richie Campbell)
5. Nha Baby (feat. Mayra Andrade)
6. My Heart
7. That`s Why I Love You (feat. Loony Johnson)
8. In My Feelings (feat. Mikkel Solnado)
9. Um Cre Amabo
10. Ride or Die
11. This Love
12. Miúda Linda (Remix)

"Four" the new album of Nelson Freitas one of the most anticipated works of the season arrives on 1 April, 2016.
According to the artist page, with a deluxe production, the alignment of "Four" is a clear proof of the willingness to take risks and build a new story, while Nelson brings his music and achievements in the musical world.
Besides "Miúda Linda", which exceeded 14 million views, and the most recent "Break of Dawn", which is already on radio, "Four" also includes other 9 unpublished leading the public for a very interesting place where are a mix of zouk, a kizomba, o r&b, o hip hop, the electronic music, soul and pop.
This is the fourth work of the artist, are behind "Magic," "My Life" and the latest "Elevate", the song that made great success "Bô tem Mel" which filled the Lisbon Coliseum and MEO Arena with fans in Lisbon.