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Chelsy Shantel - Chelsy Shantel

Titel : Chelsy Shantel

Artiest(en) : Chelsy Shantel

Genre : Kizomba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Miss Jane

€ 13,90


CHELSY SHANTEL: 17-jarige zangeres op het Ghetto ZOUK/Miss Jane Records label uit Rotterdam, produktie van Nelson Freitas. Een van de beste Portugees-talige love zouk - kizomba albums, 2007 release
Beauty, intelligence and style are not the only enchanting attributes that defines Chelsy Shantel. This 17-year-old teen is also the new talented singer emerging from the Ghetto Zouk music scene. The youngest of two sisters and a brother, Chelsy was born in Portugal of African descendent parents from Angola.
Influenced by one of her older sisters, Chelsy`s passion for singing started at the age of six and later on began singing at family gatherings and school parties. During a show in Aula Magna in 2006, Chelsy met Nelson Freitas; known as one of the best producers, singers and composers in the Zouk music industry. Her talent did not go unnoticed and Nelson, also part owner of Miss Jane Records, was not hesitant in making her a new member of the Ghetto Zouk Music/Miss Jane Records family. Though still a senior in high school, who also hopes to attend a university in the near future, Chelsy is on the way of making her biggest dream come true. Under the executive production of Nelson Freitas, Chelsy Shantel is ready to reveal her talent as her debut album is scheduled to be released in August of 2007.
1 - Intro
2 - Bring it home tonight (feat Eddy Parker)
3 - Abri Bo Coracao (feat Nilton Ramalho)
4 - Played Out Record
5 - Ghetto Taracha
6 - My # 1
7 - Kuze Ki Sta Errado (feat Loony Johnson)
8 - Say Yo
9 - So Deep In Love (Feat Nelson Freitas)
10 - When You Say My Name