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En El Aire - Jose Merce

Titel : En El Aire

Artiest(en) : Jose Merce

Genre : Flamenco

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Virgin

€ 9,90


Heel mooi crossover flamenco album van Jose Merce op Aire uit 2000.
Jose Merce has picked up the torch dropped by the staggeringly talented cantaor Camaron de la Isla who died in 1994. Merce has the rasping vocals so admired by afficianados of Flamenco, indeed in some ways his voice could be said to be old fashioned. His approach to Flamenco is anything but old fashioned and this album is a brave attempt to push forward the boundaries of Europes most vibrant folk music. Does it work? In Spain Merce has been accused of straying too far from the cherished values of Flamenco but I think that this is a brave attempt from one of Flamencos brightest stars. Buy this then track down anything you can find by El Camaron
1. Aire (4:05)
2. Vivo Cielo (4:19)
3. Pendiente (4:37)
4. La Vida Sale (3:34)
5. El Cafe (3:37)
6. Arrangao (4:47)
7. La Alcoba Y La Mosca (4:29)
8. Por Lo Mismo (3:35)
9. La Tia Maria (3:29)
10. Al Alba (4:16)