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Drama Y Luz - Mana

Titel : Drama Y Luz

Artiest(en) : Mana

Genre : Latin Pop

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Warner

€ 7,90


"Drama Y Luz` is het 8e studio album van de grootste rockband uit Zuid-Amerika, Mexico`s MANA. 2011 release
On their eighth studio effort, Guadalajara`s Mana continue to evolve their hard rock sound, bringing in influences like the Foo Fighters and pop. The latter influences the lead-off single, "Lluvia al Corazón," a number that doesn`t hit as hard as usual when it comes to guitar and drums, but the emotional weight is very heavy and communicated beautifully. Opening with a mournful harmonica, "Amor Clandestino" is Mana at their most wistful while "Sor Maria" utilizes a drum machine and a sample of monks chanting for one of the more "produced" numbers in the band`s entire catalog. Mana`s growth might not be to every fan`s taste, but with the same heart and same conviction as always, this mature and sometimes softer effort feels like a natural progression.
1. Lluvia Al Corazón
2. Amor Clandestino
3. Mi Reina Del Dolor
4. Espejo Mana
5. Sor Maria
6. Vuela Libre Paloma
7. No Te Rindas
8. Latinoamerica
9. Dragon
10. El Verdadero Amor Perdona
11. Envenename
12. No Te Rindas