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y su Salsa (LP) - Ramoncito

Titel : y su Salsa (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ramoncito

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2013

Label : WahWah

€ 22,90


2013 reisssue from this 1978 LP on Wah Wah records from Barcelona, Spain. Limited reissue of 300 copies. Ramoncito Y Su Salsa.

Ramon Prez B., a.k.a. Ramoncito, is recognized as one of the introducers of Caribbean rhythms in Spain, and since the very early sixties he has been a regular at the hottest nightclubs of the country. He established his residency in Barcelona, where -through local label Discophon- he released five splendid 45rpm`s that where compiled as an LP in 1978
1. Plechanga (written by Mon Rivera)
2. Con La Punta Del Pie (written by Rafael Ortiz)
3. El Bombon De Elena (written by Rafael Cepeda)
4. Aquí Lo Traigo Yo (written by Tito Puente)
5. Si Tu No, La Otra (written by Luis Kalaff)
1. Che, Che, Colé (written by Willie Colón)
2. El Chivo (written by Vinicio González)
3. Severa (written by Palenque)
4. Déjalo Que Suba (written by Encarnación García)
5. Avísale A Mi Compay (written by Javier Vázquez)