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Y Su Conjunto Tropical (LP) - Ranil

Titel : Y Su Conjunto Tropical (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ranil

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 03-2020

Label : Analog Africa

€ 32,90


Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical, 2020 release Analog Africa, 180 gram. Comes with poster and download code for high quality WAV/MP3

1. Muévete Mi Amor (2:35)
2. Vuelo A Saturno (2:45)
3. Las Oladas (3:11)
4. Lamento (2:59)
5. La Minga (2:31)
6. Mi Querido Ucayali (2:42)
7. Licenciado (3:06)
1. Cumbia En Tu Soledad (2:45)
2. Cumbia Sin Nombre (3:06)
3. Rojo Lamento (3:00)
4. Ángel Terrenal (2:40)
5. Marlenita (2:48)
6. La Tuctuructia (3:23)
7. La Danza De Don Lucho (2:36)
Peruvian Psychedelic Cumbia band from Iquitos in the Amazon region. Led by the legendary Raúl Llerena Vásquez, who also ventured into journalism, politics, and business
Ranil began picking up on the sounds of vals criollo, rock, carimbó rhythms from Brazil, as well as broadcasts of cumbia from Colombian radio, whilst working as a school teacher in the frontier village of Porto Brasil. He then adapting these genres to his own arranging and singing styles.
Returning to Iquitos after years of teaching, Ranil and his band recorded their first record at Lima’s MAG studios. However, Ranil soon established his own Produccions Llerena imprint – one of the first labels founded in the Peruvian Amazon – in order to maintain total authority over his releases.
Ranil then went on to record fourteen albums during the course of his career.
Analog Africa is releasing a new compilation of tracks from cumbia musician Ranil – called Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical – March 2020