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X 100pre (LP) - Bad Bunny

Titel : X 100pre (LP)

Artiest(en) : Bad Bunny

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, Reggaeton

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 09-2019

Label : Bad Bunny

€ 59,99


Reggaeton + latin trap op X100pre album van BAD BUNNY uit Puerto Rico. 2-LP (yellow, splattered color)
X100PRE thrives as Bad Bunny`s debut body of work, served with a modern sensibility of what Latin Urban can overcome and how influential it can be. X100PRE presents itself as a compilation of personal desires that are often nostalgic, celebratory, youthful and even introspective without losing relation to its listeners own experiences. Because of this, X100PRE has become a monumental masterpiece to the current Latino generations, capturing their very essence through words, sounds and colors.

A1. Ni Bien Ni Mal (3:56)
A2. 200 MPH (feat. Diplo) (2:51)
A3. ¿Quién Tú Eres? (2:39)
A4. Caro (3:49)
B1. Tenemos Que Hablar (3:45)
B2. Otra Noche en Miami (3:53)
B3. Ser Bichote (3:13)
B4. Si Estuviésemos Juntos (2:49)
C1. Solo de Mí (3:18)
C2. Cuando Perriabas (3:09)
C3. La Romana (feat. El Alfa) (5:01)
C4. Como Antes (3:51)
D1. RLNDT (4:45)
D2. Estamos Bien (3:28)
D3. Mía (feat. Drake) (3:30)
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