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World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo 1954-55 (LP) - various

Titel : World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo 1954-55 (LP)

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2009

Label : Honest John

€ 26,90


The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55. The music on this album was recorded several years before the Congo became independent of its twin colonisers, France and Belgium. The music is upbeat, and is a potent combination of latin, jazz, and of course, Congolese music. At times it can also sound akin to highlife and some Nigerian musics from this time. That said, it truly is a unique combination, where electric guitars and saxophones meet more traditional drums, kazoos and balafons. The mix is exciting, innovative, and would lead to the development of the extremely popular Congolese Rhumba.
1. Laurent Lomande - Maboka Marie     
2. Adikwa Depala - Matete Paris     
3. Adikwa Depala - Akei Cimetiere     
4. Andre Denis - Cherie N` Aluli Yo     
5. Vincent Kuli - Yaka Ko Tala
SIDE B:     
1. Jean Mpia - Klim     
2. Boniface Koufoudila - Ntango N` Abali     
3. Robert Yuakarie - Musinichkie     
4. Albert Bongu - Koseke Moniga Te     
5. Rene Mbu - Boma Limbala
SIDE C:     
1. Adikwa Depala - C. C. T. Ebongisi Mokiri     
2. Fabien Libasi - Bengala Ngai Bosele     
3. Laurent Lomande - Elisa     
4. Adikwa Depala - Moni, Moni Non Dey     
5. Boniface Koufoudila - Bino Boton, Bosele
SIDE D:     
1. Norbert Yakari - Kioo Cha Nyumba     
2. J.P. Ndagu - Mokolo Bafuti Sanza     
3. Boniface Koufoudila - Tokowela Angelique     
4. Laurent Lomande - Akimi Magai Na Butu     
5. Jean Mpia - Tika Koseka     
6. Adikwa Depala - Yoka Ngal