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Tim Maia (LP) - Tim Maia

Titel : Tim Maia (LP)

Artiest(en) : Tim Maia

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1973

Label : Survival Research

€ 19,99


2022 reïssue from TIM MAIA`s classic 1973 lp
1. Réu Confesso (3:40)
2. Compadre (2:30)
3. Over Again (3:22)
4. Até Que Enfim Encontrei Você (1:45)
5. O Balanço (3:30)
6. New Love (4:02)
1. Do Your Thing, Behave Yourself (3:07)
2. Gostava Tanto De Você (4:17)
3. Música No Ar (2:39)
4. A Paz Do Meu Mundo É Você (3:08)
5. Preciso Ser Amado (2:54)
6. Amores (2:45)

Tim Maia was a musical polymath and prolific recording artist best known for introducing American soul to the Brazilian music scene, pioneering the sambalanço style by blending elements of soul, funk, rock, and samba. Maia recorded four self-titled albums for Polydor Brazil, this fourth release from 1973 is arguably the best, with it`s outstanding hits "Réu Confesso" and "Gostava Tanto de Você"; "Do Your Thing, Behave Yourself" shows how the soul form fitted him perfectly and "O Balanço" full to bursting with Brazilian flavor. A superb set from start to finish, it`s a must for all Tim Maia fans.