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Tesura (LP) - Fruko

Titel : Tesura (LP)

Artiest(en) : Fruko

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1970-2017

Label : Vampisoul

€ 24,90


TESURA (from 1970) is Fruko y sus Tesos` debut record, now (2017) released by Vampisoul vinyl only. 
Na eeder dit jaar Fruko`s A La Memoria Del Muerto en Combo Los Yogas is dit wederom een uitstekende vinyl-LP reïssue op het Spaanse Vampisoul label met een release van bassist/componist/bandleider FRUKO uit de rijke catalogus van het Discos Fuentes label uit Colombia. Alleen op vinyl LP leverbaar.
This LP displays a diamond-in-the-rough simplicity born of the street, flaunting an uncompromising macho menace that is compelling in its focus and elemental integrity, heavily influenced by Willie Colón`s gangster posturing in New York. As Fruko has said, when "Tesura" was first released Colombians were convinced it was in fact recorded by a Nuyorican group, so thoroughly did it break with previous Colombian tastes, which until then (at least in the interior of the country) had been mostly for bambuco, tango, ranchera or cumbia. Though it was a hot little number, and certainly a harbinger of things to come, the record was not an immediate hit, only managing to sell 400 copies at first. Such is the fate of many a band and recording that is misunderstood or feared at the time of its release, only to inspire a new generation to launch a thousand more in its wake.
1. El vidriero (4:45)
2. Botando corriente (4:40)
3. Tesura (3:16)
4. El brujo y la bruja (3:45)
. No estás en nada (3:35)
2. Improvisando (3:51)
. La esencia del guaguancó (3:31)
. Materilerilerón (3:10)