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Terapia (LP) - Cimafunk

Titel : Terapia (LP)

Artiest(en) : Cimafunk

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, Cuba

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 09-2020

Label : Cimafunk

€ 49,99


CIMAFUNK - Terapia on LP, 2020 vinyl version. Find HERE the CD version from Cimfunk`s Terapia
1. Me Voy (4:00)
2. Ponte Pa` Lo Tuyo (3:53)
3. Paciente (3:48)
4. Parar el Tiempo (4:09)
5. Basta (3:30)
6. Alabao (feat. Brenda Navarrete) (3:37)
7. Fiebre (feat. Adriana Pimienta) (4:01)
8. Revuelto (3:37)
9. Ponte Pa`Lo Tuyo (remix) (feat. Juana Bacallao, El Tosco, Roberto Carcasses) (4:11)

Cimafunk is by far the most exciting new faces in the Latin music space. Singer, composer and producer, the young Cuban sensation offers a bold mix of funk with Cuban music and African rhythms, which is currently revolutionizing the island’s music scene.
His debut album «Terapia» (Independent Production, 2017) and especially his electric live shows have conquered a multitude of audiences from Havana and New York to Madrid and Paris. His single “Me Voy” is a major hit in Cuba and its refrain, which is on everyone’s mouth, is now part of the pop culture.