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Take A Trip Pussycat (LP) - Latin Blues Band

Titel : Take A Trip Pussycat (LP)

Artiest(en) : Latin Blues Band

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1968

Label : Speed

€ 17,99


The Latin Blues Band featuring Luis Aviles - Take A Trip Pussycat (Speed, 2008 reissue from 1968 album
A wild wild album of Latin soul – one of the maddest albums ever recorded for the legendary Speed label! The group, like a rare few others of their generation, are an insane mix of Latin jamming, psychedelic soul, and stoner funk riffing – all sifted together in a blender, with a sound that brings out the best aspects in all elements involved! The album`s got some wonderful bouncy cuts with a Latin soul groove and weird English lyrics – like "Lay An Oz On Me Baby", "I`ll Be A Happy Man", and "Pussycat" – the kind of raw, wild, and very groovy tracks that you`d buy an album like this for. And there`s also a totally great, totally tight descarga cut called "The Cow", that runs for 8 minutes with a very firey groove and lots of amazing playing! And if that wasn`t enough, the cover`s got a wild psychedelic image of a nude body with lots of colored lights projected over it, and a feeling that`s about as trippy as the band must have been when they recorded this one. Descarga, Boogaloo, Guaguancó op dit 1968 album. Avilés and his musicians were backed by some of the finest session players in the New York scene – most notably, Bernard Purdie on drums. His funky touch is especially noticeable on “Take A Trip”.” Bobby Marín points out that the unison horns that dominate the track were typical of Louie Ramírez’s genius
1. Take A Trip     
2. Pussycat     
3. (I`ll Be A) Happy Man     
4. Lay An Oz On Me Baby     
5. Hasta Cuando
SIDE B     
1. Oye Mi Guaguanco     
2. Rumba Con Guaguanco     
3. Pura Falsedad     
4. The Cow