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Steppin` Out (LP) - Joe Cuba Sextet

Titel : Steppin` Out (LP)

Artiest(en) : Joe Cuba Sextet

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1963

Label : HoneyPie

€ 19,99


2021 reissue on HoneyPie from this 1963 LP Joe Cuba Sextette - Steppin` Out (original on Seeco label)
1. A La Seis (2:40)
2. To Be With You (2:47)
3. Oriente (2:51)
4. Salsa Y Bembe (2:52)
5. Rosalia (2:50)
6. Callejero (2:47)
1. Que Va (2:25)
2. Como Rien (2:56)
3. Wabble-Cha (2:23)
4. Cachondea (2:56)
5. Mujer (2:34)
6. Yo Vine Pa Ver (2:10)

In this reissued collection, Joe Cuba makes you get up and dance. The 12 tunes on this disc are a roughly equal mix of dance numbers and love songs, but the emphasis (as indicated by the album`s title) is on moving your feet. In fact, each tune is classified in the liner notes by the dance the listener should be doing -- mambo, pachanga, cha cha cha, etc. The instrumentation consists of a spare, all-rhythm combo: timbales, congas, bass, piano, vibes and various hand percussion. On top of this minimal arrangement, the vocals do all the melody work -- three untrained, natural voices in soulful harmony recorded with just a touch of enriching echo. Fundamental salsa music celebrating dance, love and Puerto Rico, this is simple and very satisfying