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Sacundin Ben Samba (LP) - Jorge Ben

Titel : Sacundin Ben Samba (LP)

Artiest(en) : Jorge Ben

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1964

Label : DOL

€ 19,90


Jorge Ben in 1963, after the large impact of his first album Samba Esquema Novo, goes back into the studio to realize his very cool early album Sacundin Ben Samba (1964). Here Ben`s work took a jazzy turn, with a crossover into Brazil`s cabaret-style pop. Some of these tracks have a straight jazz character, particularly with the piano and horn combos (and assisted by Meirelles and Luiz Carlos Vinhas) Interestingly enough, although he didn`t stick with this style long, his version of jazzy presentation swung heavier than most of the proper "jazz" records of the time, by folks such as the Tambo Trio, etc. 180 gram vinyl.
1. Anjo Azul
2. Nena Nanã
3. Vamos Embora "Uáu"
4. Capoeira
5. Gimbo
6. Carnaval Triste
1. A Princesa E O Plebeu
2. A Menina Do Vestido Coral
3. Pula Baú
4. Jeitão De Preto Velho
5. Espero Por Você
6. Não Desanima João