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Rites of Diablo (LP) - Johnny Richards

Titel : Rites of Diablo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Johnny Richards

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1958

Label : So Far Out

€ 9,90


Johnny Richards (November 2, 1911 - October 7, 1968) was a jazz arranger and composer in the mid-20th century United States. He was a pivotal arranger for some of the more adventurous, boisterous Stan Kenton big band performances on recordings in the 1950s: the Cuban Fire! suite being the most know of those compositions. Reïssue of 1958 LP.
Johnny Richards put together this lp after studying the rituals of the Bantu,the family of tribes which inhabits southern Africa. Intrigued by the rhythmic possibilities he composed the six part Rites of Diablo which has been described as a sort of Black Mass during which the participants vilify,insult and by every means possible degrade the gods of evil. Augmenting his regular orchestra with SEVEN percussionists,including Sabu Martinez ,Patato Valdez and Jose Mangual,brought in to to emulate the sounds of the authentic drums used in the genuine ritual,plus the eight voiced Dave Lambert Singers, Richards took over New Yorks Webster Hall for four sessions in march and april 1958. The flaring excitement of the band ,the superlative solo work of men such as Gene Quill, Seldon Powell and Jimmy Cleveland and the meshing of the huge percussion section gives the music a unique quality.
This is another great example of jazz exotica with a latin twist.

Side A:
1. Omo Ado (6:05)
2. Kele Kele (4:18)
3. La Pecadora (7:41)
Side B:
1. Ochun (4:29)
2. Oluo Anu (6:55)
3. Ofo (5:07)

Billy Slapin Flute, Saxophone
Frank Socolow Sax (Tenor)
Al Epstein Percussion ,
Ray Rodriguez Percussion
Burt Collins Trumpet
Frank Rehak Trombone
Jose Mangual Tamboura
Sabú Martínez Bongos
Ubaldo Nieto Timbales
Jimmy Cleveland Trombone
Julius Watkins Flugelhorn
Jay McAllister Tuba
Seldon Powell Sax (Tenor)
Joe Venuto Tympani [Timpani]
Pete Terrace Percussion
Jimmy Campbell Drums
Ernie Royal Trumpet
Sol Gubin Maracas
Gene Quill Sax (Alto)
Ray Copeland Trumpet
Charlie Shavers Trumpet
Jim Dahl Trombone
Hank Jones Piano
Shelly Gold Sax (Bass)
Chet Amsterdam Bass
Al Stewart Trumpet
John Bello Trumpet
Carlos "Patato" Valdes Conga
Johnny Richards Arranger, Composer