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Revancha Del Burro (LP) - Sytema Solar

Titel : Revancha Del Burro (LP)

Artiest(en) : Sytema Solar

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2014

Label : Galletas

€ 25,00


Systema Solar is undoubtedly one of Colombia’s new musical scene most creative band. La Revancha Del Burro is their 2014 release. LP only.
Some have pointlessly tried to define the genre of there music, sometimes has “World”, “Tropical”, “Global Bass”, or simply “Cumbia” but the band truly developed their own style: the “Berbenautika”, fusioning colombian folklore such as porro, cumbia and champeta with elements of electronics, breakbeat, hip-hop, reggae, salsa, calypso and so on, along with a strong visual identity inspired by the african heritage of the “pico” culture from the Caribbean Coast
They recorded nearly half of this new album live from two different studios located in Bogotá and in Santa Marta, on the Colombian Caribbean Coast, to recreate the same feeling and energy they deliver on stage.
One of the most delightful surprise is undoubtedly the featuring of Debbie Harry from Blondie in soulful “Artificial”.
Catchy melodies in “Maria Casquito” and “Artificial”, disco funk in “Nite Nine”, atmospheric cumbia in “Antena”, hip-hop beats in “Tukupakata” and “Eso Ke Es”, electronics in “Indio Guerrero” and “Machete” , salsa vibes in “Esquina”, dance floor hits “el Boton Del Pantalon”, “La Rana” and “Yo Voy Ganao”, come together to build a solid and mature piece, that is not only the continuity of what everyone always liked about the band, but also a brilliant and conscious album, turned towards the future, about recycling, connecting with nature, criticizing our consumer society, and preserving caribbean and colombian culture.
Groove, fusion, energy, spontaneity, consciousness and awareness; this is La Revancha Del Burro, this is Systema Solar!
1. Yo Voy Ganao
2. Nite Nine
3. María Casquito
1. La Esquina Del Movimiento
2. Antena
3. Indio Guerrero
1. Artificial (Feat. Debbie Harry)
2. Eso Ke Es?
3. El Botón Del Pantalón
1. La Rana
2. Machete
3. Tukupakata