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Resilienza (LP) - La Maxima 79

Titel : Resilienza (LP)

Artiest(en) : La Maxima 79

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 12-2019

Label : Smayra

€ 29,99


Finally, the LP version (2022) from Maxima`s 79 third release from 2019, first time on (white) vinyl with 10 tracks (CD has 16)
LA MAXIMA 79 - Resilienza, derde album van deze uit Italië afkomstige salsa groep.
Na hun best selling albums Regresando Al Guaguanco uit 2013 en Joseito (2016) vol met aanstekelijke salsa-guaguanco nummers, die het uitstekend deden en doen op de dansvloeren, waren de verwachtingen hoog gespannen, en worden hier ruimschoots ingelost. 

A1. El Son Guaguancó (4:04)
A2. El Pasillito (4:04)
. La Pachanga Ping Pong (4:30)
A4. Un Día Mas (4:35)
A5. La Maxima Changui (4:05)
B1. Seventy Nine Boogaloo (3:27)
B2. El Trillo del Puma (3:57)
Iglesia Rumbera (4:40)
B4. Estamos en Competencia (3:05)
B5. La Cinta Verde (5:04)
I simply love the album. #Resilienza is the work of a bandleader (Fabrizio Zoro) and a band who really have found their “sound”. And their “sound” is basically all sounds and styles. It’s by far the most complex, challenging and diverse album the band has made up until now. And this is not about throwing any shade on the first two albums but more to express the brilliance of #Resilienza.
The band has had massive success over the years and easily could have played it safe and built on the sound and style that made them famous. But they chose to take some risks and swing for the fences. And for me it’s a home run.
La Maxima 79 is prob)ably the only band who is capable of combining a Charlie Palmieri style song like ‘El bacalao salao’, a traditional Changüi like ‘La Maxima Changüi’ and the fantastic slow mambo ‘El trillo del Puma’ on one album and pull it all off at the highest level. These three songs (for now) are my favourites but the whole album is just next level.
As on both previous albums, with `La cinta verde` and `Tabaratiando` they made two great covers but the truth is that La Maxima 79 has become a band that doesn’t need covers.
Resilienza is the perfect way to start the new decade.
(review by DJ Mauri)