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Regresando Al Guaguanco (LP) - La Maxima 79

Titel : Regresando Al Guaguanco (LP)

Artiest(en) : La Maxima 79

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2013

Label : Smayra

€ 26,99


Absoluut, geweldige top SALSA 2013 vinyl LP release van LA MAXIMA 79 - "Regresando al Guaguancó" uit Italië met een authentieke Old School Salsa sound met een helder 2013 geluid. Salsa-mambo-son montuno-descarga-pachanga-cha cha cha helemaal gericht op de dansers en DJ`s. en ook opgenomen vanuit standpunt van danser+DJ. Zeer aangename verrassing, meerdere tracks voor de dansvloer, must-have item! Hier vind je de CD release info
La Maxima 79: Fabrizio Zoro has many years of experience spinning as a DJ at festivals and parties all over Europe. This experience has taught him the dynamics of the dance floor and what salsa dancers really want. He is also a very established percussionist and created the idea of this project. Massimo Scalici is one of Italy¹s best salsa musicians, he is responsible for all arrangements on this album, created the orchestrations for all the musicians and plays the piano on all tracks. Not really familiar with the ³Guaguancò² style of the 60¹s and 70¹s Massimo Scalici shows his enormous talent by not just adapting to this style but simply taking it to another level. He brings an enormous musical know-how to La Maxima 79. The both influences created a combination of vibrant and electrifying songs that give the CD an addictive hook. La Maxima 79 brings quality old school salsa into the new millennium. A special thanks to all the DJs, dancers and dance teachers for their support.
1. La Pachanga de Don Juan (pachanga) (4:28)
2. El Trigueño Cintura (guaguanco) (6:48)
1. Pobrecita (guaguanco) (4:26)
4. Mi Chula (son montuno) (5:04)
5. El Niño Me Dejo (mambo) (3:35)
Side TWO:
1. Singapore Vibes (guaguanco instrumental) (4:13)
2. Lapiz y Papel (cha-cha-cha) (3:49)
3. No Sirvo Pa` Queso (guaguanco) (4:02)
4. Esa Mujer (guaguanco) (4:12)
5. Descarga Chango (descarga) (4:16)