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Punto Y Aparte (LP) - Ismael Quintana

Titel : Punto Y Aparte (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ismael Quintana

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1970

Label : UA Latino

€ 24,90


2019 reïssue from this 1970 LP Ismael Quintana
1. Aqui Traigo Mi Montuno (4:32)
2. Punto Y Aparte (3:03)
3. Kum Kum Kum (4:50)
4. Tu Caminar (4:25)
5. Camina Maria Que Me Fascina (4:30)
1. La Oportunidad (4:40)
2. Baila Con Los Pollos, Mi Socio (4:05)
3. Bomba De Fiesta (3:30)
4. Divina Mujer (3:15)
5. El Maltrato (3:45)
After spending several years as Eddie Palmieri`s lead singer, United Artists offered Quintana a deal. Although understandably reluctant because Quintana didn`t like the hassles of leading a group, Palmieri gave his blessing giving way to "Punto y Aparte." With an all star cast of musicians such as Barry Rodgers, Nicky Marrerro and arrangements by Javier Vazquez and Charlie Palmieri, you can guess this album is good. It has a wide variety of styles, from montuno, to guaguanco, to bolero and his native bomba which show a versatility that very few have when it comes to singing. "Kum Kum Kum", and "El Maltrato" are some of the best tracks.