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Psicodelia Afro-Cubana de Senegal (LP) - Star Band de Dakar

Titel : Psicodelia Afro-Cubana de Senegal (LP)

Artiest(en) : Star Band de Dakar

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 03-2019

Label : Ostinato

€ 28,90


Star Band de Dakar: Psicodelia Afro-Cubana de Senegal
Gatefold LP 180-gram Heavyweight Vinyl Album with 12-page 12" Booklet
Remastered in the original mono with 12-page booklet containing an essay on Cubanismo in Senegal, a rare interview with Star Band guitarist Yakhya Fall and vintage photos from his personal collection.
"Some of the mightiest Senegalese Afro-Cuban tracks the world has ever heard" (BBC)
1. Guajira Ven (4:19)
2. Misterioso (4:33)
3. Andado (6:16)
1. Mariama (6:44)
2. Danguele Fasso (5:23)
3. Le Lolaye (3:34)
Led by some of Senegal’s most famous singers, like Youssou N’Dour and Laba Sosseh, Star Band achieved the perfect gumbo of Cuban and Senegalese sounds. Changüí, Guajira, Salsa, and Son mingled with cosmic Mbalax guitars, Sabar rhythms, Afro-Latin horns, and Spanish vocals spiced with a Senegalese twang.
With just two microphones and a four-track Revox tape recorder, Ibrahim Kassé, Star Band’s founder and owner of Le Miami, recorded their entire catalog in his nightclub. Each album contained one stand-out Afro-Cuban tune, often covers of Cuban classics or original compositions using the deep, layered sound that had evolved over centuries from the roundtrip journey across the Atlantic. Six of Star Band`s most psychedelic Afro-Cuban tracks, an ode to their finest hour, are selected here.
Remastered in the original mono, this album is the soundtrack to a time when Cuban music was the future for 1970s Senegal and commemorates the anniversary when another way — the Cuban way — was possible.