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Peru Selvatico (LP) - varios

Titel : Peru Selvatico (LP)

Artiest(en) : varios

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 12-2022

Label : Analog Africa

€ 35,00


Perù Selvatico (Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972-1986) various artist (Analog Africa)
gatefold 2x LP. comes with full color 12-page album format booklet
+ download code for high quality Wav/MP3
1. Los Royal`s De Pucallpa – Descarga Royal (3:30)
2. Sonido Verde de Moyobamba – La Cervecita (2:09)
3. Los Zheros – Selva Virgen (2:40)
4. Grupo Siglo XX De Rioja – Moyobambina (2:43)
1. Los Invasores De Progreso – Humo En La Selva (2:58)
2. Los Cisnes – La Hamaca (2:54)
3. Fresa Juvenil De Tarapoto – Cumbion Universal (3:35)
4. Los Ranger`s De Tingo Maria – La Trochita (2:40)
1. Los Invasores De Progreso – La Bola Bouche (3:21)
2. Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical – Bailando En El Infinito (2:56)
3. Los Cisnes – Safari En La Selva (2:52)
4. Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical – Baila Bonito (2:55)
5. Los Zheros – Alibaba (2:43)
1. Fresa Juvenil De Tarapoto – La Palmerita (2:57)
2. Sonido Verde de Moyobamba – Recordando A Aguaytia (2:18)
3. Grupo Siglo XX De Rioja – El Pasito De Miriam (2:51)
4. Los Cisnes – Rio Mar (2:34)
5. Los Zheros – La Uñita (2:22)

Beach meets jungle on this classy compilation of vintage cumbia:
The lopsided, scratchy rhythms of cumbia, the music of Colombia and Peru, have enjoyed growing popularity in recent years, be it via antique recordings or slick, electro updates, many of them from Argentina. On Perú Selvático, pop archaeology explores some of cumbia’s most distant shores, specifically those of the upper Amazon in the 1970s, where towns hundreds of miles from the capital, Lima, spawned their own variations on the genre. Central to many of its 18 tracks is the twang of surf guitar, by then a bygone fad in its California birthplace but still hugely popular across swathes of South America. (Currently, much the same sound is being championed by Los Bitchos, a chi-chi female four-piece from London.)
The sonic novelties of electric guitar, squeaky Farfisa organ and proto-synths replaced the accordions and big bands that dominated traditional cumbia; modernism had reached Amazonia. Remote cities such as Moyobamba and Tarapoto had no studios but their local heroes found their way to Lima to record. The results are all instrumental, although there are plentiful shouts and exhortations keeping the beat alive, and the party swinging on tracks such as Humo En La Selva by Los Invasores de Progreso. Nicely packaged vintage fun (review by Guardian)