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Original Sound of Burkina Fasso (LP) - various

Titel : Original Sound of Burkina Fasso (LP)

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, African

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2017

Label : Mr Bongo

€ 26,90


Mr Bongo present a stunning survey of a musically rich period of cultural revolution in the landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta. Double vinyl pressing housed in gatefold sleeve with booklet.

The music featured in Mr Bongo`s compilation, The Original Sound of Burkina Faso, captures an exciting myriad of rich, unconventionally cosmopolitan sounds popularized in Burkina Faso throughout the 1970s. Named as the "Land of Incorruptible People," Burkina Faso as we know it wasn`t formally denominated until 1984, but its unique musical landscape and enthusiastic willingness to embrace foreign influences had rooted itself in the culture long before.
Here we have a collection of songs that pay tribute to a truly golden age of music; touching on folk, funk, blues, highlife, disco, psyche, latin, rock and soul.
Burkina Faso`s makeup of diverse cultures and languages is nearly unmatched, with over 50 distinct ethnic groups represented (including the Touareg and Mossi) and just as many languages spoken. It`s a mostly rural nation with nine-tenths of the population working as agriculturalists and farmers–so compared to the kind of cultural exchange that occurred in metropolitan cities, new music trends were disseminated in smaller, less obvious ways.
1. Cissé Abdoulaye - Jeunesse Wilila
2. Cissé Abdoulaye - Tieba Lou Tounouna
3. Bozambo - Kombissé
1. Amadou Balaké - Whisky Et Coca-Cola
2. Nabollé John Oumar - M’ba Lalé
3. Sandwidi Pierre - Boy Cuisinier
4. Coulibaly Tidiani & Orchestre Dafra Star De Bobo-Dioulasso - Sie Koumgolo
1. Amadou Balaké - Super Bar Konon Mousso
2. Mangue Konde et Les 5 Consuls - Pop Kondé
3. Youssouf Diarra - Djanfa Magni
1. Amadou Balaké - Wayisjelequeyele
2. Amadou Balaké - Aminata Du Thé
3. Cissé Abdoulaye & Super Volta - A Son Magni