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Opus (LP) - Marc Anthony

Titel : Opus (LP)

Artiest(en) : Marc Anthony

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 08-2019

Label : Sony

€ 79,90


Opus, 2019 album van Marc Anthony in een produktie van Sergio George. Opus is Marc`s eerste nieuwe studio album sinds 6 jaar (2013 - "3-0") én z`n achste salsa album sinds Otra Nota uit 1993.
Dit is de vinyl LP versie van de CD uitgave. ALLERLAATSTE (geseald, nieuw in verpakking) exemplaar.

1. Parecen Viernes (4:28)
2. Tu Vida En La Mía (6:13)
3. Un Amor Eterno (4:19)
4. Si Me Creyeras (4:30)
5. Soy Yo (4:51)
6. Lo Que Te Di (4:02)
7. Úsame (5:00)
8. Si Pudiera (4:26)
9. Lo Peor de Mí (5:10)
10. Reconozco (4:10)

Marc Anthony possesses a formidable, elastic voice that can play with tempos and emotions with a finesses rarely heard, much less nowadays. Sit back and enjoy the tour de force. It?s worth it.
With production by Sergio George, this set has the piano, his instrument, as a protagonist, more so than salsa albums usually do. Prepare to be surprised by the complexity of the arrangements. Finally, these songs are drenched in romance and drama. Anthony has always been fond of selecting ballads placed over tropical beats. Opus kicks it up a notch. With contributions from songwriters like Maluma, Oscarcito and Erika Ender and Beatriz César (yep, two women), the lyrics are sensual, romantic, evocative and beautifully done