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Nitty Gritty Sextet (LP) - Nitty Gritty Sextet

Titel : Nitty Gritty Sextet (LP)

Artiest(en) : Nitty Gritty Sextet

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1967-2015

Label : Rocafort

€ 24,90


NITTY GRITTY SEXTET, reïssue, very hard to find 1967 boogaloo LP feat. Tito Puente, Jimmy Sabater, Louie Ramírez, Charlie Palmieri, Ricardo Ray, Willie Torres, Bobby Rodriguez..
When Spanish Rocafort Records contacted legendary Latin producer Bobby Marin their plan was to license "Nitty Boo Boo" and "Something New", two previously unreleased tracks, for a 45 release. Much to their surprise they were told by Marin that those two tracks were part of an LP recorded in 1967 that had never seen the light of day. The bad news was that all the masters had been lost. By one of those amazing coincidences six months later the only existing acetate for the LP surfaced in a thrift store in Pennsylvania.
Finally, almost 50 years after its recording, Rocafort Records is proud to present this previously unreleased Latin monster LP by The Nitty Gritty Sextet. Recorded by the finest musicians in the New-York Latin scene, including Tito Puente, Jimmy Sabater, Louie Ramírez and many more, it`s still a mystery to find out that this album was never released at the time despite being so good. Whether you like to Boogaloo, dance to the Mambo or swing to the beat of the Latin Jazz, you`re in for a treat!

- Previously unreleased LP.

- 10 track LP of high quality Boogaloo, Mambo and Latin Jazz.

- Originally recorded in 1967.

- The finest musicians in the NY latin scene including Tito Puente, Jimmy Sabater, Louie Ramírez, Ricardo Ray, Charlie Plamieri and more.

- Gatefold cover with extensive linernotes.

- Comments from the composer, Bobby Marin.

1. Something New
2. Nitty Boo Boo
3. Would You Believe Me?
4. Rice and Beans
5. Dixie`s Mambo
1. Fun City Hippy
2. Say Listen
3. A Fool Like Me
4. Papel De Bambú
5. Shingaling Now, Boogaloo Late

Tito Puente: Timbales
Louie Ramirez: Vibes
Ricardo Ray: Piano
Jimmy Sabater: Coro
Bobby Marin: Coro
Willie Torres: Lead Vocals
Charlie Palmieri: Tamborine
Ozzie Torrens: Percussion
Bobby Rodriguez: Bass
Joe Cuba: Conga