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Mouhamadou Bamba (LP) - Baobab-Gouye-Gui De Dakar

Titel : Mouhamadou Bamba (LP)

Artiest(en) : Baobab-Gouye-Gui De Dakar

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 01-2020

Label : Syllart

€ 25,90


2020 Limited Edition on Syllart by the first African studio album from Orchestre Baobab de Dakar, Senegal. Reissue, remastered LP from this 1980 recodings with vocals by Medoune Diallo, Rudolph Gonis, Thione Seck. One of the best African recordings ever. Some members later became Africando. 
1. Mouhamadou Bamba
2. Ndiawolou
3. Boulamine
1. Gnawoe
2. Doomou Baaye
3. Yen Saay
Almost forty years after its first release and in partnership with a rejuvinated Syllart Records, Sterns are proud to present one of those albums, “Mouhamadou Bamba” as a limited edition 180 gram heavyweight vinyl, in its original sequence, specially remastered and with its own unique artwork.

“Mouhamadou Bamba” is a masterpiece. Under the musical direction of saxophonist Issa Cissoko, whose understated jazzy horn arrangements run throughout the album, along with guitarist Barthélemy Attisso, whose hypnotic, virtuoso solos are an outstanding feature, the album was recorded at the `Golden Baobab` studio in Dakar and produced there by a young Ibrahima Sylla.

The use of the Baobab, both in name and imagery, highlighted the group`s awareness of traditional Senegalese values when combined with those from outside, in this case with the Afro-Cuban music which had become so popular during the 1960s and 70s. Here montuno guitar patterns combine with Wolof vocals, and all are subtly married to the rhythms of Cuban son and other boleros.

The title track features the soulful and hauntingly beautiful voice of a young Thione Seck, singing in honour of Cheikh Mahamadou Bamba, a Senegalese relegious leader and founder of the Mouride brotherhood of Islam. It became one of Baobab`s biggest ever hits.

Mahamadou Bamba, a genuine and justly deserved classic album, now officially available on vinyl for the first time in almost 40 years.