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Mongo (LP) - Mongo Santamaria

Titel : Mongo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Mongo Santamaria

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1959

Label : Honey Pie

€ 17,90


2021 repress on Honey Pie Records from Mongo`s 1959 album.
Recorded in 1959 at the height of the Latin Jazz Era, This is Mongo Santamaria`s second album for Fantasy Records. A deep and fascinating investigation of Afro-Cuban roots run by the great percussionist and a quite large group featuring Paul Horn on flute, Emil Richards on vibraphone, Al McKibbons on bass and of course lots of multicolored percussion and vocals split by a bunch of masters players including Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella and Willie Bobo.The album opens with the redolent melody of "Afro-Blue" one of his most beautiful compositions which later became a classic Jazz standards with historical renditions by the likes of John Coltrane, Abbey Lincoln and Oscar Brown Jr.
1. Afro-Blue (3:58)
2. Che-Que-Re-Que-Che-Que (1:44)
3. Rezo (2:13)
4. Ayenye (2:40)
5. Onyae (3:28)
6. Bata (2:29)
7. Meta Rumba (3:33)
1. Chano Pozo (2:12)
2. Los Conguitos (3:28)
3. Monte Adentro (2:04)
4. Imaribayo (10:36)
5. Mazacote