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Madremonte (LP) - Jaguar

Titel : Madremonte (LP)

Artiest(en) : Jaguar

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 09-2021

Label : El Palmas

€ 23,99


Jaguar mine the sounds of the Colombian Caribbean and global dance sub cultureson a debut album that veers between psychedelic salsa, taut cumbia-disco and zouk party jams. JAGUAR DJ duo met mix van Colombiaanse tropical rhythms

1. Guadalupe (3:24)
2. Síguele El Paso (4:08)
3. Contra la Corriente (4:23)
4. Ten Presente (4:02)
5. La Pena Estrena (3:28)
1. Báilalo Tu También (5:14)
2. Fruta Madura (3:33)
3. La Isla (3:49)
4. Río Arriba Río Abajo (3:33)
5. Lagunas (3:22)
The music on Madremonte is essentially electronica inspired by various Colombian and Caribbean genres. Jaguar draws heavily on cumbia and champeta (which is in turn heavily influenced by Congolese soukous), while also inserting elements of salsa, rock, zouk, and samba. However, unlike these genres, the lyrics and vocals on Madremonte are sparse and simple—sound is everything. The duo makes ample use of layering, like on the song “Fruta Madura,” which starts off with a West African timeline rhythm and keeps adding melodic riffs on top of it, first a reggae-inspired guitar line and then an Andean flute melody. Similarly, “Ten Presente” is almost all dueling melodic riffs: it starts with one guitar line, adds a second, and then a third contrapuntal trumpet melody.
The most danceable songs on the album reveal the influence of champeta. “Síguele El Paso” is the standout, with competing, high-pitched guitar lines on top of a driving beat. Colombia’s most well known homegrown genre, cumbia, is most apparent on the loping “Contra la Corriente” and on “Río Arriba Río Abajo.” For fans of Latin- and Caribbean-inspired electronica, Madremonte is an essential listen.