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Lo Que Te Falta (LP) - Solea Morente

Titel : Lo Que Te Falta (LP)

Artiest(en) : Solea Morente

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, Flamenco

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 03-2020

Label : Elefant

€ 26,99


Soleá Morente, dochter van flamenco grootheid Enrique Morente. LP contains a MP3 code for free download.
The new album from Solea Morente, produced by David Rodriguez, follows that rule about third albums: third albums are for reaffirmation, maturity, development. And, for the first time, Solea herself has taken the lead role on songwriting for some of the songs on the album, which has exotic roots flavours, but with an absolutely exceptional and marvelous sense of pop. Because Solea Morente is a unique character on the Spanish music scene. Yes, because she is the daughter of the legendary flamenco singer, Enrique Morente and the dancer Aurora Carbonell, but also because the middle Morente child has always been open to other musical references and styles. That is why, on this album, credit is also given to songwriters like Ana Fernandez-Villaverde (La Bien Querida), David Rodriguez (La Estrella De David) And J (Los Planetas). It is an exquisite cocktail; a square circle. The result is a combination of songs that take the rumba as their guide, and let it lead them through a series of very diverse and rich stories and musical references. David Rodriguez is our partner on the journey through this album - producer of all songs, composer of some, and indispensable figure in the album`s sound. But more than that, Solea and David have been surrounded by greats: the guitars of Eduardo Espin Pacheco and Victor Iniesta; the percussion work of Gines Pozas and Popo Gabarre; the bass of Julian Mendez "Checopolaco"; and the energetic choruses and singing of Las Negris, Rocio Morales, Jose Bonaparte, Tomasito, Kiki Morente, Antonio Carbonell, the girls from Carino and Miryam Levy, among many others. As the album`s title tells us, we were missing something. We didn`t know it, but we needed this.
1. Cariño (2:34)
2. No Puedo Dormir (3:39)
3. Viniste A Por Mí (3:19)
4. Lo Que Te Falta (2:53)
5. Ducati (2:48)
6. Pero Es De Noche (2:24)
7. Cosas Buenas (3:40)
8. Mundo Nuevo (2:54)
9. Coca-Cola (2:51)
10. Tutti Frutti (3:17)
11. Olvidarme De Ti (2:44)
12. Condiciones De Luna (4:41)