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La Mecánica Popular (LP) - La Mecánica Popular

Titel : La Mecánica Popular (LP)

Artiest(en) : La Mecánica Popular

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2013

Label : Names You Can Trust

€ 29,90


Psychedelic, alternative sala from NYC, 2013 releae
Side A:
1. La Paz Del Freak (3:25)
2. Ella Le Decia (3:40)
3. Guajiro (3:29)
4. Se Que Me Olvidaste (    3:09)
Side B:
1. Arbol (3:25)
2. Muy Distinto (3:49)
3. Milagro (3:25)
4. La Tragaespadas (4:27)
5. Se Que Me Olvidaste (Alternate Version) (3:10)

Psychedelic Salsa",the album weaves it`s way around the traditional stylings of Salsa & Bolero, with a heavy dose of electrico, incorporating a blend of Peruvian guitars & experimental synths, sounds and textures. The 9-track album of original compositions was recorded between NYC & Peru, written by band-leader Efrain Rozas and co-produced alongside Xuxi Lazzaro (Rita Indiana) & Manuel Garcia Orozco. Feautring a melting pot of musicians from New York, Colombia, Peru & Venezuela, as well as the core 8-piece ensemble that performs live, this debut album serves as a welcome connection between the roots, rhythms, and future possibilities of Tropical music and culture.
"Storming debut release from La Mecánica Popular on NYCT - dancefloor-burning guaguanco meets tripped-out electronics for some cosmic salsa vibes, definitely one for the box!" Hugo Mendez - Sofrito
"You might eargasm over the way they take psych-influenced sounds of Fania-era salsa and mash it with wavy vibes of `70s Peruvian chicha." MTV Iggy