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King Of The Boogaloo (LP) - Pete Terrace

Titel : King Of The Boogaloo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Pete Terrace

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1967

Label : AS

€ 19,99


Pete Terrace challenges Pete Rodriguez for the title of "King Of The Boogaloo" in this raw live set from 1967 recorded at Chez Jose in New York! This storming party album with great latin jazz vibes album`s and hard grooving batch of uptempo groovers easily is one of Pete`s best from the 60s! Includes covers of  Joe Cuba`s "El Pito", "Bang Bang" and  also "Bang Bang" ? plus Marty Sheller-penned originals like "Do The Boogaloo", "I`m Gonna Make It", "Here Comes Pete", and "No! No! No!". Pete`s vibes sound mighty nice, and the pianist in the group is nice and firey
1. El Pito (3:05)
2. Bang Bang (2:07)
3. You`re Looking Good (4:00)
4. Boogaloo Loo (3:12)
5. Oh Yeah (2:35)
6. Do The Boogaloo     (4:15)
1. No! No! No!    (3:00)
2. At The Party     (2:35)
3. It`s Boogaloo Time (3:20)
4. D.M. Boogaloo (3:16)
5. I`m Gonna Make It (3:25)
6. Here Comes Pete     (3:15)