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Kampala Grupo (LP) - Wganda Kenya

Titel : Kampala Grupo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Wganda Kenya

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 06-2023

Label : Vampisoul

€ 26,99


Wganda Kenya / Kammpala Grupo, first time reïssue from this 1977 Discos Fuentes release on 180-gram vinyl
A wild and funky collection of Afro grooves that was ahead of its time in 1977 and has become a collector’s item in recent years, especially due to the growing international interest in Colombian picó sound system culture. Fruko and his studio bands Wganda Kenya and Kammpala Grupo treat us to a diverse set of African and Caribbean styles, laced with crazy synths, psychedelic guitar and infectious pan-African polyrhythms
A1. El gallo africano (7:34)
A2. La yuca rayá (3:22)
A3. Caimito (4:18)
A4. King Kong (3:41)
B5. La Riphyta (3:15)
B6. La trompeta loca (7:30)
B7. El nativo (3:10)
B8. Chao amor (2:44)
B9. El testamento (2:56)