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Hot & Wild Yo Vengo Soltando Chispas (LP) - Pete Rodriguez

Titel : Hot & Wild Yo Vengo Soltando Chispas (LP)

Artiest(en) : Pete Rodriguez

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1968

Label : Alegre

€ 19,90


Reïssue van 1968 album on Alegre (Fania)
Hot and wild – two of the best words you could use to describe the late 60s Latin Soul material of Pete Rodriguez – especially on an album like this! This album has Pete and his combo at their best – stepping effortlessly between English-language, soul-based tracks – and other material that has them showing their Latin chops in a straighter Pacheco-inspired style – really tight small combo grooving, with that Spanish Harlem sound that cats like Pete could do so well
Side A:
A1. Soltando Chispas (5:00)
A2. People Want To Know (3:50)
A3. Tears On My Pillow (3:23)
A4. Pa`lla Va (5:23)
A5. Arranca En Fa (3:32)
Side B:
B1. Carmela (3:45)
B2. Contigo Aprendi (4:00)
B3. Here Come The Judge (2:42)
B4. Mi Angel De La Guardia (4:49)
B5. Cata Con Tata (3:35)