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Guarapo! Forty Bangers From Barranquilla - various LP

Titel : Guarapo! Forty Bangers From Barranquilla

Artiest(en) : various LP

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 11-2017

Label : Honest Jon

€ 28,00


Colombian sound-system music in-depth with 40 slow, nagging bangers made spliced from mad subs, Nigerian highlife records and tumpin’ kicks, all presented on (double) vinyl for the 1st time!
Rough, tough, thumping, bumping sound-boy breakbeats from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Forty brand new buckaroos, tooled and primed by Jeanpi Perreo, Edwin Producciones, and DJ Ander -- all from local sound-systems -- careering guarapo-style out of punches of vintage Nigerian highlife, waka and co., by legends like Steven Amechi, Sagbeni Aragbada, and Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson. Includes a full-size booklet detailing the fascinating history of this music, seamed into the strange, tentacular byways of hand-to-hand vinyl distribution, record collecting, and musical connoisseurship, and the soundclash traditions of the region, suffused with the politics and culture of the Black Atlantic, stretching back to the 1950s. Edited and mastered by CGB at Dubplates & Mastering for maximum oomph and worries, and presented in a gatefold sleeve with cool and deadly varnishing.
1. Jeanpi Perreo - Kole Con El Wee
2. DJ Ander - Isleño
3. Edwin Producciones - El Bobo
4. DJ Ander - La Gyal
5. Jeanpi Perreo - Anda
6. Jeanpi Perreo - El Sason
7. Edwin Producciones - Carlitos
8. Jeanpi Perreo - El Feo
9. Edwin Producciones - Agua
10. Jeanpi Perreo - La Niña
11. Jeanpi Perreo - AH!
12. DJ Ander - Curaçao
13. Edwin Producciones - El Adios
14. Edwin Producciones - El Bety
15. Edwin Producciones - Te Llego Mon?#
16. Jeanpi Perreo - Marisol
17. Edwin Producciones - El Nato
18. Jeanpi Perreo - El Gato
19. Jeanpi Perreo - El Papy
20. Jeanpi Perreo - Psicodelico
21. Jeanpi Perreo - Turbiando
22. Edwin Producciones - Vasile 2016
23. Edwin Producciones - En Seco
24. DJ Ander - Sacale Dios
25. Edwin Producciones - El Pitillo (Harold Edit)
26. Jeanpi Perreo - Una Noche
27. DJ Ander - El Italiano
28. Jeanpi Perreo - El Reloj
29. DJ Ander - Y Como?
30. Edwin Producciones - El Loco
31. Edwin Producciones - El Deito
32. DJ Ander - El Pase
33. DJ Ander - Quidao
34. DJ Ander - Apretaito
35. DJ Ander - Voz
36. DJ Ander - Tu Fuiste
37. DJ Ander - Pa Caite
38. DJ Ander - La Pantera
39. DJ Ander - Mamon
40. DJ Ander - Doble Diablo
Sound system culture in the Colombian cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena cumbia and porro and the ubiquitous sounds of Cuban mambo rumba and son whose influence had been powerfully felt across the Caribbean basin. er. The taste of the selectors also began to include music from further afield in particular New York salsa which enterprising sailors had started to bring in to the coast from the US and sell directly to the picos whose operators were eager for exclusives and fresh sounds. By the end of the decade the main particulars of the cultura picotera were in place and popular picos would travel to play dances known as verbenas around Cartegena Barranquilla and nearby towns and cities. Popular African music was not distributed in Colombia during the postwar period for the simple reason that there were no immigrant African communities to demand it and no audience or market for it among Colombians. But as the fashion for salsa began to wane in the early 1970s the pico operators began to look for a new style. Obtaining the latest and most exclusive African discs had become a matter of huge competition between picos in Cartagena and Barranquilla and the importers who typically sold records direct to the picos could command high sums for their latest discoveries. Pico operators went to great lengths to keep their discoveries and rare cuts exclusive covering up names painting over labels and swapping album covers in order to shroud their battle weapons in secrecy. The bigger systems even had buyers outside the country known as corresponsales to obtain exclusive and unknown cuts and the picos jealously guarded their sources.