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Goza La Salsa (LP) - Los Afroins

Titel : Goza La Salsa (LP)

Artiest(en) : Los Afroins

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 02-2020

Label : Vampisoul

€ 23,99


2020 reïssue on Vampisoul from this 1975 LP from Los Afroins (Colombia)
1. La masacre
2. Salsa al pindín
3. El bombón
4. Puerto Rico Power
5. Una mañana
1. Matusa
2. Está de bala
3. El Boga
4. No sufras más
5. Alejada
Reissued on 180-GRAM VINYL, complete with reproduced artwork,
this great mid-`70s album by a lively combo from Colombia
contains 10 brassy, heavy-duty salsa gems. These incessant rhythms, syncopated trumpets and trombone and buoyant melodies are sure to light up any dance floor. `Goza La Sala` was the band`s second album.
Los Afroins was the flagship salsa band of the obscure but beloved INS label from Colombia. Their 1975 LP "Goza La Salsa" is just as hard to find as their first record, and contains 10 bright and sassy salsa dura treasures that light up the dance floor with their incessant rhythms, syncopated trumpets and trombone and buoyant melodies. There are smoking covers of hits by Panama`s Bush y sus Magnificos (`Salsa Al Pindin`) and Bronx timbalero Orlando Marin and His Orchestra (`Está De Bala`) as well as updated renditions of old Cuban chestnuts `La Masacre` (written by Joseito Fernandez of `Guantanamera` fame) and `Matusa` (originally titled `Macusa`, composed by Francisco Repilado aka Compay Segundo). The entire record makes for a very tasty and satisfying party platter filled with guaguanc?, mozambique, pachanga, descarga and bolero that deserves to be more accessible and better known by today`s fans of Colombian salsa who may have heard of The Latin Brothers or Sonora Carruseles, but have yet to discover the short-lived but highly sought after Los Afroins. "Goza La Salsa" is presented here in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
Goza la Salsa is a record that seems to have slipped through the net when it comes to salsa dura classics. Born out of Medellín in the 1970s, and patched together under the obscure INS music label (Industria Nacional Del Sonido Ltda), Los Afroins con Roy, Lucho y El Conde were a group of incredibly tight and talented musicians focused on covering a range of guaguancó, mozambique, pachanga, descarga and bolero on a 10-track album. It’s also worth mentioning that this was only the second album released by the group, in what turned out to be a short-lived career before each respective Afroin got snapped up by larger, and more well-known salsa troupes. That said, this 1975 album offers a plethora of much-loved covers, including “Salsa al Pindin” and “Matusa”, which are sure to get even reluctant salsa fans up and off of their feet.
Termed ‘Los Afro’ – due to the group’s impressive hairstyles, and paired up with a nod to ‘INS’ in a clever marketing ploy, the musical talent of Los Afroins is powerful, uplifting and injects a little Caribbean sunshine into your day. I am a fan of original track “Puerto Rico Power” and a sucker for the first track on the album, “La Masacre”, which is spicy, springy and incredibly tight from start to finish.
So what happened to Los Afroins you may ask? Pianist Agustín “El Conde” Martínez, later went on to work with the legend that is Joe Arroyo, while vocalists Lucho Puerto Rico and Roy “Tayrona” Betancourt rose to dizzying salsa heights during the 1980s, the former with his own Lucho Puerto Rico Y Su Conjunto Sonero and Conjunto Son Del Barrio and the latter with Willie Salcedo, Reales Brass De Colombia, and Los Caribes. Brief though their career trajectory may have been, this hidden gem should make it into your salsa collection, especially if you are after a short but show-stopping album that will inject some life and soul into your day to day.