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Giants of Ghanaian Highlife LP - various

Titel : Giants of Ghanaian Highlife LP

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, African

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2020

Label : Naked Lunch

€ 15,00


Giants Of Ghanaian Danceband Highlife LP
Classic tracks from the early years of highlife in Ghana – a time when the guitar-based styles and lively rhythms of the genre were first coming into play, and mixed with some of the more jazz-based styles of years before!
The mix here is almost a West African equivalent to the rise of western swing in the US at the end of the 30s – a way of mixing older instrumental ensemble styles with some more contemporary, more regional elements – sounding wonderful her in some key examples of the style!
1. E.T. Mensah And The Tempos – Yei Ngebewoh
2. E.T. Mensah And The Tempos – School Girl
3. E.T. Mensah And The Tempos – Makoma
4. E.T. Mensah And The Tempos – You Call Me Roko
5. Kwamalah Quaye Sextetto Africana – Son Of Africa
6. The Black Star Band – Obaa Amponsa Pandogo
7. Buddy Pipp`s Highlifers – Ghana Special
8. John Santos Martins – Fancy Baby
SIDE B: all songs by Ramblers International
1. Akokonini Abankwa
2. Nmere Dan Biribe Ara
3. Woman Wanko
4. Ahomka Won
5. Akwanoma Hiahii
6. Odansanyi
7. Ntoboase
8. Wgya Saman

Highlife was one of the results of the unprecedented blend of West African music traditions and various sounds and styles from the new world, especially jazz from America and calypso from the Caribbean. This compilation LP contains some of the most exciting tracks from the genre`s history, recorded during the 1950s, `60s and `70s by Ghanian bands s.a. E.T. Mensah And The Tempos, Kwamalah Quaye Sextetto Africana, Black Star Band, Buddy Pipps Highlifers and Ramblers International. The latter group fills the entire second side.