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Explosive Side Of Joe Panama (LP) - Joe Panama

Titel : Explosive Side Of Joe Panama (LP)

Artiest(en) : Joe Panama

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Label : El Sonido

€ 19,99


Great obscure boogaloo album recorded on Decca (and if you know this stuff, you know how hard the Decca albums are to find!) The record indeed lives up to the title in its excitable moments, with some firey playing and an all around propulsive atmosphere, but there are also some pretty delicate melodic moments and strong hooks! There`s some great cuts with English vocals, including "Soul Sister", "Don`t Bother Me", and "Gunslinger", plus some nice Latin jazz tracks like "Jazz Latino", "Vida", and "Echale Pa Fuera". Nice nice nice – a real joy to have on the turntable.
Side A:
A1. Soul Sister (2:51)
A2. What`s My Name (3:13)
A3. Vida (5:24)
A4. Gunslinger (3:00)
A5. Jazz Latino (3:09)
Side B:
B1. Tu Eres Mi Vida (4:00)
B2. Don`t Bother Me (3:35)
B3. Oye Morena (4:41)
B4. Echale Pa Fuera (3:45)