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Everything Is Possible (LP) - Os Mutantes

Titel : Everything Is Possible (LP)

Artiest(en) : Os Mutantes

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1999

Label : Luaka Bop

€ 19,90


Verzamel LP op Luaka Bop van Braziliaanse groep Os Mutantes.
The first major-label release of Mutantes material was this 1999 compilation, put together by longtime Brazilian fan David Byrne through his Luaka Bop label. Including tracks from the band`s late-`60s and early-`70s LPs (available separately through Omplatten), Everything Is Possible is a solid collection that only includes 14 tracks but does spotlight Mutantes` tremendous diversity. From the birth of tropicalia on their first album from 1968 (wildly experimental pop songs like "Panis Et Circenses" and "Bat Macumba") plus their later, more straight-ahead incarnations, the album gives beginners a solid place to start. The inclusion of both versions of the rather tiresome Janis Joplin retread "Baby" is a bit regrettable, but all around, Everything Is Possible gets it right better than could be hoped from a domestic compilation.
This group was overflowing with so many musical ideas, it`s like a sampler of their eclectic talents. There`s great psychedelica, bossa nova, beatlesque pop, jazz and more. If Pink Floyd met Sergio Mendes and together played some Beatle pop..this could be the result. There`s a bit of the John Cage influence as well. Beautiful and Creative Music! Baby (1971) sung by the group`s Rita Lee is one of the coolest songs ever recorded..period! If you love creative rock and hippy trippy sounds, you`ve got to have this one! Even though these songs were recorded in the late 60`s and early 70`s, they still sound fresh and wonderful today! They make most other bands sound dull and unimaginative.
1. Ando Meio Desligado (3:03)
2. Ave, Lúcifer (2:20)
3. Dia 36 (4:02)
4. Baby (1971) (3:40)
5. Fuga N° II (3:41)
6. Cantor De Mambo (4:39)
7. Adeus Maria Fulô (3:06)
1. Desculpe, Babe (2:51)
2. El Justiciero (3:55)
3. Panis Et Circenses (3:38)
4. A Minha Menina (4:41)
5. Bat Macumba (3:10)
6. Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour (3:36)
7. Baby (1968) (3:01)