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Ernie`s Conspiracy (LP) - Orquesta La Conspiracion

Titel : Ernie`s Conspiracy (LP)

Artiest(en) : Orquesta La Conspiracion

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1972

Label : Vaya

€ 24,90


Ernie Agosta Y La Conspiracion - Ernie`s Conspiracy, 2019 reïssue from 1972 album (Vaya/Fania), produced by Willie Colon

Soaring trumpet-heavy salsa from the combo of Ernie Agosto -- great album with the tightness and focus of some of the best early 70s work from producer Willie Colon! Ernie arranged the album with pianist Nelson Sanchez -- and the sound here is chunky on the bottom, with some great bongo work from Sabu Martinez -- but topped with really flowing piano lines from Sanchez, and some bold lead vocals from Miguel Quintana.
Personel on this album is: Miguel Quintana (Vocals), Orquesta La Conspiracion (Main Performer), Justo Betancourt (Choir, Chorus), Gene Golden (Percussion), Gene Golden (Conga), Adalberto Santiago (Choir, Chorus), Benito Gomez (Timbales), Ernie Agosto (Trumpet), Ernie Agosto (Arranger), Ernie Agosto (Leader), Wilson Cintron (Bass), Nelson Sanchez (Piano)

1. Magdalena
2. La Culebra
3. Se Acaba el Mundo
4. Negrito

5. S.E.R.A.
6. Sangre Son Colora
7. Francaso
8. Es Tu Vida