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El Party Con La Crema (LP) - La Crema

Titel : El Party Con La Crema (LP)

Artiest(en) : La Crema

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1973

Label : West Side Latino

€ 15,90


1973 West Side Latino, NYC. Salsa Orchestra produced by Mr. Bobby Marin of New York with Andy Gonzalez, Louie Ramirez, Jimmy Sabater, Adalberto Santiago. Funky latin styled version of War`s "Cisco Kid". Arranged by Louie Ramirez. A crack set of early 70s Latin, played by "the cream of New York" – a group that includes Louie Ramirez on piano, vibes, and organ, and Mauricio Smith on flute and sax! The whole album`s pretty darn great, with a really strong jazzy touch – thanks to great work by Ramirez and Smith – and at some level, the feel of the record is similar to that of labelmates Ocho, with an equally righteous blend of styles. Most tracks have vocals, but the main focus is on the strong instrumentation – and 2 cuts on the set are instrumentals.
Side A:
A1. El Party (Que Vacilon) (3:51)
A2. Salta Perico (2:49)
A3. A Ti Que Te Pasa? (3:58)
A4. Cisco Kid (4:00)
Side B:
B1. Quimbia (4:20)
B2. Matrimonio Feliz (4:05)
B3. Entre Pared Y La Espada (3:28)
B4. Mi Pais (3:06)