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El Negro Bombon (LP) - Sonora Mag

Titel : El Negro Bombon (LP)

Artiest(en) : Sonora Mag

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 12-2021

Label : Vampisoul

€ 19,99


2021 Vampisoul repress on 180-gram vinyl from this 1957 lp on Mag label from Peru.

1. El Negro Bembon (guaracha)
2. La Isla Del Encanto (chachachá)
3. El Vaiven Arrullador (bolero son)
4. Juan Jose (guaracha)
5. Te Para Dos (beguine tropical)
6. Un Dia De Amor (guaracha)
1. Pepito ((guaracha)
2. El Que Ud. Conoce No Soy Yo (guaracha)
3. Ven Pa` Mi Casa (guaracha rock)
4. El Novio Celoso (guaracha)
5. El Muñecon (guaracha)
6. Ella Y Yo (bolero)
First time reissue. This album comprises hits from the repertoire of the most famous Cuban and Boriquen orchestras in the late `50s, performed by young Peruvian percussionist Ñiko Estrada and his sonora. However, due to contractual restrictions, the album was released under the fictitious Sonora MAG name. Fascinated by the music of the Cuban orchestras broadcast on the radio and the colorful and flamboyant outfits they sported when played Lima, Ñiko Estrada named his first band Los chicos de Cuba (The Cuban Boys). In 1958 he put together his own group, sonora, signing to the local label Smith and recording a number of hits. At the same time, he also agreed to anonymously record more music for MAG, the Peruvian company owned by Manuel Guerrero. An imaginary Sonora MAG was born, El Negro Bembón con la Sonora MAG includes, with the only exception of the instrumental track "Té Para Dos", mostly vocal songs -- guarachas and boleros -- by the likes of Manolo Castro, Rafael "Chivirico" Dávila, and Vicky Zamora, being her take on "Pepito" the biggest hit of the album. This album is currently almost impossible to find in its original edition, so Vampisoul present the first ever reissue of El Negro Bembón con la Sonora MAG in its original artwork. 180 gram vinyl.